vendredi 29 mai 2009

[ANN] Apache Continuum 1.3.3 (Beta) Released!

The Apache Continuum team is pleased to announce the release of Apache

Continuum 1.3.3 (Beta).

Apache Continuum is an enterprise-ready continuous integration server

with features such as automated builds, release management, role-based

security, and integration with popular build tools and source control

management systems.

The latest release can be downloaded from:

For a complete list of changes, please see the release notes:

If you have any questions, please consult:
- the web site:
- the continuum-user mailing list:


~The Apache Continuum Team

mercredi 21 janvier 2009

Continuum 1.3.1 (Alpha) now released!

Continuum 1.3.1 (Alpha) has been officially released today :) Although this is just an alpha release, there’s a vast amount of new features (in it’s initial implementation) to look out for as can be seen in the release notes below:

Release Notes - Continuum - Version 1.3.1

** Sub-task
* [CONTINUUM-2023] - Document usage of parallel builds

** Bug
* [CONTINUUM-1513] - Release does not work when maven 2 executable is not on PATH
* [CONTINUUM-1978] - regression from 1.1 to 1.2.2: Add Maven 2.0+ Project using https POM Url where the source server has self signed certificate
* [CONTINUUM-1981] - Error while using Windows domain in username when adding a M2 project
* [CONTINUUM-1984] - Dead link to data-management-cli-1.2-app.jar in upgrade documentation
* [CONTINUUM-1988] - Cannot build project if triggered from Project Information page
* [CONTINUUM-1998] - Unable to delete a user
* [CONTINUUM-1999] - Missing validation error message for duplicate project group
* [CONTINUUM-2008] - Creating or Editing "build definition" and "build definition template" generates javascript error
* [CONTINUUM-2017] - Unable to add build definitions to a template
* [CONTINUUM-2021] - NullPointerException when sending mail notification
* [CONTINUUM-2030] - Show Users in Role paging not working
* [CONTINUUM-2035] - Unable to release when Distributed Build is enabled
* [CONTINUUM-2040] - NPE encountered when building a project migrated from an old database

** Improvement
* [CONTINUUM-1829] - separate transient errors from build failures in notification and display
* [CONTINUUM-1864] - Transient State
* [CONTINUUM-1884] - Clicking ‘Done’ after a successful release perform sends you all the way out to the list of groups
* [CONTINUUM-1962] - Migrate to Struts 2
* [CONTINUUM-1969] - Externalize all strings and make continuum fully localizable.
* [CONTINUUM-2010] - Add group cancel build
* [CONTINUUM-2013] - Database migration tool for migration from 1.2.x to 1.3.x

** New Feature
* [CONTINUUM-265] - Concurrent builds
* [CONTINUUM-1666] - Distributed Builds

** Task
* [CONTINUUM-1990] - Unable to publish website from 1.3.0 tag
* [CONTINUUM-2024] - Upgrade httpclient to 4.0beta2

** Wish
* [CONTINUUM-1635] - Manage configurable number of parallel build queues


mardi 13 janvier 2009

Continuum 1.2.3 is available

The Apache Continuum team is pleased to announce Apache Continuum 1.2.3

This version is a bug fixes version. For a complete list of changes, please see the release notes:

Download link :

Have fun !

lundi 3 novembre 2008

Continuum 1.2.2 is available

The Apache Continuum team is pleased to announce the release of Apache
Continuum 1.2.2.

Apache Continuum is an enterprise-ready continuous integration server
with features such as automated builds, release management, role-based
security, and integration with popular build tools and source control
management systems.

The latest release can be downloaded from:

As the first public release since Continuum 1.2, version 1.2.2
resolves a security issue in which scm passwords were exposed in plain
text in the log files. Users who have password protected scm
repositories are encouraged to upgrade and take precautions to secure
any log files written by Continuum 1.2.

In addition, this release contains many fixes and improvements,
including new configuration options and XML-RPC methods.

For a complete list of changes, please see the release notes:


mardi 23 septembre 2008

Continuum 1.2 is released !

The latest release is now available here:

If you have any questions, please consult:

- the web site:
- the continuum-user mailing list:

New in Continuum 1.2

* Using Spring
Continuum now uses the Spring Framework as it's underlying container
instead of Plexus. This results in a boost in performance and
stability for the web application in particular.

*Repository Purge
It's now possible to add purges which will cleanup :
- m2 repositories (now it's possible to configure a local m2
repository per project group)
- build output directory

* Maven plugin groupId and artifactId change Now the maven plugin has
the new groupId:artifactId org.apache.continuum:continuum-maven-plugin

* New SCMs support
Now continuum have two new scm providers : git and accurev.

Change Log in Continuum 1.2

** Bug
* [CONTINUUM-860] - multiple email addresses delimited with commas causes AddressException
* [CONTINUUM-1054] - IllegalStateException stack adding pom
* [CONTINUUM-1200] - Password Characters Not Supported in SCM Checkout
* [CONTINUUM-1322] - Attempt to store value with more than 256 chars
* [CONTINUUM-1336] - upgrade quartz - we use a very old version
* [CONTINUUM-1360] - Prepended semicolon in svn password does not work
* [CONTINUUM-1371] - NullPointer when Releasing with Ant and Default Project Group
* [CONTINUUM-1433] - Wrong path in descripton on how to allow the file protocol.
* [CONTINUUM-1489] - replace use of MungedHttpsURL with apache httpclient (4.0-beta1)
* [CONTINUUM-1515] - SCM Tag does not have a default value
* [CONTINUUM-1521] - NullPointerException in StarTeam changelog command
* [CONTINUUM-1525] - Can't release project with Continuum on Geronimo 2.0.1
* [CONTINUUM-1528] - Continuum gets slower over time and eventually crashes
* [CONTINUUM-1549] - LDAP Authenticated Continuum - NullPointerException when trying to see Members of a project group
* [CONTINUUM-1575] - Confusing behavior when continuum can't construct MavenProject from pom
* [CONTINUUM-1589] - updateBuildDefinitionForProjectGroup remove the description of the build definition
* [CONTINUUM-1590] - updateBuildDefinitionForProjectGroup leads to a StackOverflowError
* [CONTINUUM-1593] - Requires Javamail 1.5? Should be 1.4?
* [CONTINUUM-1596] - The release perform doesn't work when a scm password is required
* [CONTINUUM-1601] - Email address with '+' is not accepted in mail notifier
* [CONTINUUM-1610] - Deployment Repository Directory does not work at all
* [CONTINUUM-1623] - Checkbox not displaying when validation error in add Instalaction->Tool form
* [CONTINUUM-1630] - Error attempting to delete project group
* [CONTINUUM-1643] - Perform release page results to a blank page after submitted
* [CONTINUUM-1644] - Test failures occur in tagged sources
* [CONTINUUM-1646] - Empty recipient is allowed in mail notifier
* [CONTINUUM-1647] - Incorrect alt and title text for releaseproject_disabled.gif
* [CONTINUUM-1649] - Move Build Definition Template guide to Administrator's Guides
* [CONTINUUM-1651] - Unable to delete user-created build definitions
* [CONTINUUM-1659] - project admin cannot assign project roles to users
* [CONTINUUM-1660] - Download page does not have source archives
* [CONTINUUM-1672] - continuum plugin doesn't fails to add maven two projects
* [CONTINUUM-1676] - deleting a project or group should cancel any current or scheduled builds, and prevent any from being queued
* [CONTINUUM-1679] - Adding Null values for Project's Build Definition directs to a blank page
* [CONTINUUM-1688] - Maximum length for name column in object ChangeFile is too small
* [CONTINUUM-1693] - Continuum fills our server disk with SNAPSHOTs.
* [CONTINUUM-1701] - No field validation when adding Ant and Shell projects
* [CONTINUUM-1713] - JDOFatalUserException '.-..column ""NAME"" that has maximum length of 255. Please correct your data!'
* [CONTINUUM-1715] - no response when adding a project
* [CONTINUUM-1725] - Using the Cancel Button without an selected project will produce NPE
* [CONTINUUM-1734] - Loop in getProjects methode
* [CONTINUUM-1738] - Add schedule page doesn't use its properties file
* [CONTINUUM-1739] - Import of Maven2 project fails if 2.0.9 feature depMgm. scope>import used
* [CONTINUUM-1742] - Duplicate installations (environment variables) in Profile are accepted
* [CONTINUUM-1746] - Duplicate Profile names are accepted
* [CONTINUUM-1748] - Duplicate Installation names are accepted
* [CONTINUUM-1750] - unable to operate on a working directory that contains spaces
* [CONTINUUM-1752] - Allowed duplication of group name when editing a project group
* [CONTINUUM-1753] - Download As Text of build result output displays it on another page instead of downloading it
* [CONTINUUM-1757] - continuum roles do not have user friendly names
* [CONTINUUM-1758] - Error with group summary auto-refresh after adding a project group
* [CONTINUUM-1760] - TextArea inside the Working Copy Section for a Project is editable
* [CONTINUUM-1768] - NPE on Members tab with LDAP authentication
* [CONTINUUM-1773] - unable to add a mail recipient address containing an ampersand (&) in the local part of the adress
* [CONTINUUM-1774] - Error logging in with a locked account
* [CONTINUUM-1782] - Rename 'Profiles' instances to 'Build Environments' in available roles.
* [CONTINUUM-1783] - a project administrator is acting like a user administrator
* [CONTINUUM-1784] - URLs with Query String appears not work properly
* [CONTINUUM-1785] - Broken link
* [CONTINUUM-1788] - JBoss installation documentation contains a "Start Jetty" section
* [CONTINUUM-1789] - Unable to add project if its parent is not in server
* [CONTINUUM-1792] - svn checkout with authentification doesn't work in 1.2 (trunk rev 663360)
* [CONTINUUM-1795] - [regression] continuum application starts twice
* [CONTINUUM-1796] - Project Information tab's Add/Edit Notifiers links contain leading whitespace
* [CONTINUUM-1799] - Thread count for schedule is not configurable
* [CONTINUUM-1804] - Wrong source code repository urls listed on Continuum public web
* [CONTINUUM-1805] - Adding a project displays "Adding your project is under process. Please wait .."
* [CONTINUUM-1816] - Continuum trunk failed to start on unix os
* [CONTINUUM-1825] - NPE when checkout project with trunk (rev 678311)
* [CONTINUUM-1828] - Downloaded maven files (pom and project.xml) are not deleted
* [CONTINUUM-1831] - When click "save" or "cancel" button on the Appearance page (with or without making changes), get java.lang.NullPointerException error
* [CONTINUUM-1836] - Validation for Build Environment doesn't work
* [CONTINUUM-1839] - [French] "Construction en ìhec" instead of "Construction en échec"
* [CONTINUUM-1841] - Error when adding project group with null values
* [CONTINUUM-1844] - EL Expression failed with empty/not functions
* [CONTINUUM-1863] - NPE when clicking Appearance menu item
* [CONTINUUM-1867] - Project group admin should not be able to grant system-wide roles to himself
* [CONTINUUM-1869] - Correct type of url variable in 'Connection to Continuum' section on 'Guide to use XML-RPC with Continuum' page
* [CONTINUUM-1870] - changing groupId:artifactId of the maven plugin to org.apache.continuum:continuum-maven-plugin
* [CONTINUUM-1871] - Continuum does not execute builds when last BUILDRESULT.END_TIME=0
* [CONTINUUM-1877] - Incorrect svn urls on site "source repository" page
* [CONTINUUM-1878] - MS SQL Server size of NVARCHAR defect
* [CONTINUUM-1888] - Support for 64 bit architectures has been removed

** Improvement
* [CONTINUUM-515] - Add a wait page when adding a project
* [CONTINUUM-801] - Maven2: Add Project Homepage URL to the project group summary page
* [CONTINUUM-1186] - Application should unpack to apache-continuum-${version}
* [CONTINUUM-1213] - Patch to easily run continuum jetty with postgres
* [CONTINUUM-1252] - General Configuration should be pre-configurable in XML
* [CONTINUUM-1344] - New Guide to Building Continuum from Source
* [CONTINUUM-1465] - Project groups should probably get their own local maven repo
* [CONTINUUM-1490] - Include data-management-cli jar in the distribution
* [CONTINUUM-1511] - Improve error handling when not able to resolv artifacts
* [CONTINUUM-1531] - set JSW to auto-restart if it crashes or hangs
* [CONTINUUM-1605] - Continuum should not store the userid or password if 'use cached credentials' is checked
* [CONTINUUM-1612] - Provide a sample file
* [CONTINUUM-1613] - Add setting JAVA_HOME to the getting started documentation
* [CONTINUUM-1619] - Project Ant : Adding a built-in property allowing to know wich project is under construction from the ant build script
* [CONTINUUM-1639] - Ability to download files from the working copy
* [CONTINUUM-1645] - Move images into continuum-docs module
* [CONTINUUM-1675] - Improve error message when scm element is missing from a child pom
* [CONTINUUM-1687] - Improve the template and build definition names
* [CONTINUUM-1698] - Include svn revision number in the jar file manifest
* [CONTINUUM-1703] - use plexus-spring in continuum-webapp
* [CONTINUUM-1705] - Read-only view of the queues
* [CONTINUUM-1711] - Rename Profile to Build Environment to avoid clash with Maven profiles
* [CONTINUUM-1712] - improve the performance of the group summary page
* [CONTINUUM-1736] - Add the svn revision in the about action
* [CONTINUUM-1741] - file containing scm credentials in plain text is visible through the Web UI
* [CONTINUUM-1744] - Upgrade continuum to redback 1.0.1
* [CONTINUUM-1745] - decouple SCM code from continuum model
* [CONTINUUM-1759] - Ability to delete working copies associated with releases
* [CONTINUUM-1762] - add confirmation page before deleting multiple projects at once
* [CONTINUUM-1769] - add confirmation page before deleting a profile
* [CONTINUUM-1775] - There is a typo on the Project Group Summary page. "Project Group Informations" should be "Project Group Information" - no "s" needed
* [CONTINUUM-1793] - continuum.log needs human readable date and time stamps
* [CONTINUUM-1807] - Improve performance on maven2 builds by building a pom project if changes are only in sub-modules
* [CONTINUUM-1822] - Upgrade to Jetty 6.1.11
* [CONTINUUM-1827] - XMPRPC Basic Compliance ( Call continuum XPMRPC Service from other language like Php )
* [CONTINUUM-1846] - Split ContinuumStore to few dao classes
* [CONTINUUM-1858] - Add rolesList page in the menu from redback

** New Feature
* [CONTINUUM-782] - Add a feature to allow cleaning the m2 local repo once every N days
* [CONTINUUM-1628] - 2 new methods for editing building queue with xmlrpc
* [CONTINUUM-1681] - Replace plexus-runtime with standalone jetty bundle
* [CONTINUUM-1691] - Ability to delete a project via XML RPC
* [CONTINUUM-1692] - Ability to delete build results via XML RPC
* [CONTINUUM-1830] - Ability to view release results after leaving page
* [CONTINUUM-1843] - add new maven scm providers (accurev and git)

** Task
* [CONTINUUM-1614] - release maven-scm 1.1
* [CONTINUUM-1617] - Update to JPOX 1.1.9
* [CONTINUUM-1821] - Remove references to Maven in continuum-docs
* [CONTINUUM-1885] - Clean up site documentation

** Wish
* [CONTINUUM-1638] - Documentation for Release Management

samedi 6 septembre 2008

Continuum 1.2 in preparation

The Continuum team is preparing the 1.2 release. It will be available very soon.